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About Me

Welcome to the world seen through my lens! My name is Diana, and I have been photographing this beautiful world since I was a young girl. I've lived in the New York/New Jersey area for most of my life and have always been drawn to nature.   There is some sort of peacefulness that can only be felt and not explained when you walk into the woods and are surrounded by nature‚Äôs beauty.  I snap so many photos just trying to hold on to that moment of Zen for as long as I can. All I want to do is spread that sublime feeling to others through my photography.

Most free days I am out exploring anywhere from the Hudson Valley, to the Catskills, or the Adirondacks with the best trail buddy,  my dog Roxy.  You can follow our adventures on my instagram (@natureaddictlady), and feel free to send me a message if you see any photos on there that you would like to print. 

All of my landscape photography for sale can be found on the "Galleries" page. If you are not sure about a size or type of finish, please feel free to contact me for any suggestions.

I have a strong passion for environmental conservation and trail preservation, and I volunteer to help out when I can.  I follow Leave No Trace principles whenever I am lucky enough to enjoy the outdoors. I also volunteer with a nonprofit called "Gear Forward" to help get underserved youth the gear they need to enjoy the outdoors.  With that in mind, I will donate 10% of all proceeds from my  landscape photos to the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and Gear Forward.

I also have compassion for all animals, especially those that are in need of rescue.  If you book an appointment for pet portraits I will donate 10 % of all proceeds to a rescue or shelter of your choice.

I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my lens. Thank you for visiting my page and happy trails!

Photo by Steven Sager

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